Date: Feb 10, 2013 3:38 AM
Author: Graham Cooper
Subject: Re: This is False. 0/0 {x | x ~e x} e {x | x ~e x} A single Principle<br> to Resolve Several Paradoxes

On Feb 10, 5:47 pm, fom <> wrote:
> On 2/9/2013 6:19 PM, Charlie-Boo wrote:

> > On Feb 7, 1:51 am, fom <> wrote:
> >> How do you see Logic and Set Theory as being the same?
> > Both are concerned with mappings to {true,false}.  A propositional
> > calculus proposition is 0-place.  A set is 1-place.  A relation is any
> > number of places.  (A relation is a set - of tuples.)

> > So you have the same rules of inference: Double Negative, DeMorgan
> > etc. apply to propositions and sets.

> > To prove incompleteness, Godel had to generalize wffs as expressing
> > propositions to expressing sets when the wff has a free variable.

> Hmm...
> This is naive set theory (which you have stated
> as being fine with your views).
> I view set theory as being about the existence
> of mathematical objects.  Naive set theory failed,
> in part, because of something in Aristotle--do not
> negate "substance".  Do not get me wrong.  I am
> not planning to run out and buy a number 2 while
> I pick up my next Turing machine....
> The problem, however, is that the connection of
> mathematics to any metaphysical truth (if such
> a statement can be sensible) requires that the
> objects represented in physics books (material
> objects) correspond with some sort of mathematical
> notion.  So, while mathematics is abstract,
> there must be some sort of interpretation that
> accounts for its apparent ability to model
> real-world situations.
> Either physics is a collection of mathematical
> hallucinations or there is a better explanation
> of set theory.

Right! the physical world cannot contravene the platonic, so a set of
truths may exist and a set of lies not...

** in Plato land where (angle1+angle2+angle3=pi) **

it's the 1 metaphysics principle I subscribe to!

I think LOGIC is just applying MODUS PONENS.

backwards to axioms

theorem ?

forwards to contradictions


Naive set theory should be able to cope with a SUBSET of WFF that have
been sieved through various checks. if you can formulate what the
real world contradiction is, it can be unstratified.