Date: Feb 10, 2013 7:49 AM
Author: aniket
Subject: How to implement a multiple sets of oscillator in matlab ?

I have adaptive oscillator function and giving external input to this oscillator. I want to create multiple oscillator function sets  like more than 1 function and the external input will be same for all oscillator funtion, because of multiple oscillator i can estimate frequencies in the frequency spectrum of external input signal  and their output will be summed and plot against time . How should i do this ?

i am doing simulation for real world recorded signal using one oscillator function and it is taking too much time. i want to simulate using multiple oscillator .

the following code is having only one oscillator like this i want to simulate using 2 or more oscillators.
anyone is having idea how to do simulate with multiple oscillator ?


adaptive hopf oscillator function


function dz = myeqd(t,y,ti,xd)
dz = zeros(3,1);
r= sqrt(y(1)^2 + y(2)^2);
dz(1)= (mu - r^2)*y(1) - y(3)*y(2) +K*F;
dz(2) = (mu - r^2)*y(2) + y(3)*y(1);
dz(3) = (-K*F) * (y(2)/sqrt(y(1)^2 + y(2)^2));

main code


R=50; %decimation by a factor of R to reduce unnecessary information
N=512; %length of the filter used for decimation
[T,Y]=ode45(@(t,y) myeqd(t,y,ti,xd),td,[10;10;1000]);
plot (T,Y)