Date: Feb 12, 2013 1:57 PM
Author: Curious
Subject: Replacing a Column

"Jessica Parry" wrote in message <kfe2du$q62$>...
> I have a randomly generate array of dimension(121x101).
> The ith column is given by (Vtxe) and has dimension (1x101)
> i is a randomly generated value (between 1 and 101 inclusive obvs).
> How can I replace the orignal ith column with the (Vtxe) column? or produce an array with the ith column as Vtxe. Im out of ideas completely!

I don't have MATLAB installed on this computer, but if:

size(A) = (121x101)
size(b) = (1x101)

and 1<= i <=121


A(i,:) = b

should work.