Date: Feb 14, 2013 7:18 AM
Author: Bruno Luong
Subject: Re: Making a square matrix from two vector

dpb <> wrote in message <kfi6r9$lc6$>...

> But even 'doc colon' is essentially narrative examples of what it does
> w/ certain values--it doesn't say a thing about complex--nor does it
> intimate there's a problem with it. So, it isn't completely defined or
> at least user-documented;

But I never say the contrary dpb.

IIRC, the behavior of a:b:c when a, b, c are (pure real) arrays are documented recently, (after the thread I provide the like earlier).

But the behavior for complex ins't (yet?) documenetd. Though the same behavior is reproductible in all MATLAB versions: it operates only on real part first element of the inputs. That's logical and meaningful IMO.

There are many things that are not documented. Just take a look at Yair's blog. Are things discussed there are meaningless to you? I thing Yair's blog is the most useful blog concerning MATLAB.

In many languages - even a strict one like C - the behavior of many function is not completely defined (such as malloc(0), or something as simple as the bit shift (a >> b)). The specific compiler will implement specific behavior, yet all of them are meaningful. Just like MATLAB colon.