Date: Feb 14, 2013 3:09 PM
Author: Michael Stemper
Subject: Re: infinity can't exist

In article <kfjcdj$ef2$>, "AMeiwes" <> writes:
>"Craig Feinstein" <> wrote in message

>>Let's say I have a drawer of an infinite number of identical socks at time
>>zero. I take out one of the socks at time one. Then the contents of the
>>drawer at >time zero is identical to the contents of the drawer at time
>>one, since all of the socks are identical and there are still an infinite

>>Contents of drawer at time 0 = Contents of drawer at time 1
>>Contents of drawer at time 0 = (Contents of drawer at time 1) plus (sock
>>taken out of drawer).

>>This is false, so infinity cannot exist.
>>How does modern mathematics resolve this paradox?

>1/0 = infinity
>n/0 = infinity
>1/0 = n/0
>1 = n

Nope. Let's take a look at where you palmed a card.

1/0 = n/0
(1/0)*0 = (n/0)*0
0 = 0

(This is ignoring for a moment the fact that division by zero is
not defined to begin with.)

Michael F. Stemper
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