Date: Feb 15, 2013 5:21 PM
Author: Virgil
Subject: Re: Matheology � 222 Back to the roots

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WM <> wrote:

> On 14 Feb., 22:23, Virgil <> wrote:

> > > Do you claim that there are two or more FISs of d that require more
> > > than one line for their accomodation?

> >
> > All of them  cannot be accomodated at all

> Since they do not exist.
> Obviously all that exist can be accomodated in the lines of the list.

What WM declares "obvious" in in his woozy world of Wolkenmuekenheim is
far too often easily seen to be false everywhere else.

Given any list of such lines over any finite alphabet, Cantor has shown
that there are lines on that same alphabet not in that list.

That WM claims a place, his "Wolkenmuekenheim", where that does not
hold, does not make any such place exist outside of his own imagination.