Date: Feb 16, 2013 3:26 AM
Author: Wang
Subject: Urgent! Two questions about "sconnect" commnad

The following are adapted from my script whish is used for building up a contorller.
inputs = 'r; d' ;
outputs = 'Weinter; Wt' ;
Kin = 'C: Ms;G(3)' ;
[P, R] = sconnect(inputs, outputs, Kin, ...
'Ms: e=r-G(3)', ms, 'G: d;C', wtg, 'Weinter: Ms', we_inter, 'Wt: G(1)', wt) ;

After the script run, the following output showed in the command window:

Warning: affine PD model converted to polytopic
Warning: badly conditioned computations due to algebraic loop

and fi I check the info of plant P, I got the followng info.
Polytopic model with 3 vertex systems
Each system has 6 state(s), 3 input(s), and 4 output(s)

My questions are:
1) What does the warning of "badly conditioned computations due to algebraic loop" mean and imply?

2) Why the input and output are 3 and 4 instead? I've thought they are supposed to be 2 and 2 respectively.

I'ts urgent for me to finish the project. Great thanks for the help!