Date: Feb 18, 2013 12:48 AM
Subject: plants are also a torus, but with 2 mouths Chapt15.45 Deriving all of<br> biology from the Maxwell Equations as axiom set #1238 New Physics #1358 ATOM<br> TOTALITY 5th ed

Thinking about plants, I come to realize they have two openings of
intake, two mouths so to speak where one mouth takes in water and
nutrients while the other mouth conducts photosynthesis, and the
outtake is not like animals-- anus, but rather the outtake is building
more tubes of vascular tissue, or wood fiber for trees.

Which brings to mind, having the Faraday law demonstration of a coil
and putting thrusting magnets into both ends of the coil. So what
would the result be? Would it be 2X what one thrusting bar magnet is?


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