Date: Feb 20, 2013 3:17 PM
Author: Kevin
Subject: Matter-Antimatter Annihilation

Some people say that matter-antimatter annihilation is discredited but
the way I feel about it is that antimatter is easier to deal with than
ordinary matter. Consider:

E=m*c^2, where m=antimatter

That is what totally makes sense to me so you can't convince me that
matter-antimatter annihilation can be discredited. Antimatter is a
medium sized bug on square graph paper that differentiates matter that
gives the bug energy and matter that gives the bug no energy. The
antimatter bug doesn't respond to negative reinforcement. Antimatter
is fluid dynamics but it is also game theory as well. The antimatter
bug has game and responds to positive reinforcement if the game
intrigues him.

I apply myself to strings... Ooo, strings are hard stuff... I thought
I only applied myself to the easy tasks that my drive assigns to me...
Uh, well, I do apply myself to the easy tasks that my drive assigns to
me because I know everything about strong-weak interaction and nobody
can prove differently... Just because everything I know about strong-
weak interaction only applies to antimatter but not ordinary matter
doesn't mean that I don't know anything about it... I know everything
about it.