Date: Feb 20, 2013 3:17 PM
Author: Pentcho Valev

Education in Divine Albert's world: For both sound waves and light waves, as the observer starts moving towards the wave source, the frequency increases and the wavelength decreases so that their product, the speed of the wave, can gloriously remain the same, Divine Einstein, yes we all believe in relativity, relativity, relativity:
"INTRODUCTION: Our ears detect changes in the frequency of sound waves due to the Doppler shift, but the waves change in another way, too: in their wavelength. Wavelength and frequency are closely related: if one increases, the other decreases. Their product, the speed of the wave, remains the same. The spaceship in this interactive has an instrument which detects electromagnetic radiation. You can see the wavelength and frequency change as the ship and the source of radiation move through space. EXERCISES: 2. Now click on the "Observer Approaches" button. The ship will start flying towards the source. What is the wavelength of the waves now, as the ship approaches the source? Does the frequency increase or decrease? SOLUTIONS: 2. The wavelength shrinks so that about three waves now fit within the graph. (...) The frequency increases."

Pentcho Valev