Date: Feb 22, 2013 1:05 AM
Author: Alexei Boulbitch
Subject: Numerical integration of lists

Dear community,

I am aware of the existence of a package enabling one to find derivatives of a function known as a list of data. Are there built-in methods to integrate lists?

More precisely, assume we have a list of the form lst={.{x,y,z}.}. It can be visualized as a 3D plot as
Plot3D[lst] and we will see a 3D function of coordinates x and y.

How should I integrate this function over x and y within some specified domain, or within the whole part of the (x,y) plane, where this function is known?

I understand that one can first interpolate or fit this function, and then integrate it. Are there any built-in functions for this purpose?

Thank you, Alexei

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