Date: Feb 23, 2013 9:37 PM
Author: Peter Mairhofer
Subject: Using piecewise-constant functions in ode Simulink


I want to integrate the multiplication of a cosine with a
piecewise-constant function (e.g. 1 from 0 to 1/1000, -1 from 1/1000 to
2/1000, ...)

The time axis is equally distributed among the time (i.e., transient
change every 1/1000) and the values are stored in an array in MATLAB.

I'm struggling arround for 2 days on this issue :( So help is greatly

What I did was (among other tries): Create a pulse block with rising
edge every 1/1000 which triggers a "Triggered Subsystem". This calls a
MATLAB function which uses find_system/set_param to change the value of
a constant block. This constant is then multiplied by the cosine and
followed by an integrator.

However, this seems to work for some signal but for some it introduces
huge errors.

For example

p = 1 for [0,1/1000], -1 for [1/1000,2/1000] and 1 for [2/1000,3/1000]
x = cos(100*pi*t);

y = (p*x)-> 1/s block

y at t=3/1000 should be 8.00487e-4 if I solve analytically but Simulink
has 8.29766161000261e-4 :( :(

Thanks a lot!