Date: Feb 24, 2013 12:59 PM
Author: Henri Picciotto
Subject: [ncsm-members] summer workshops

with Henri Picciotto

I will offer four workshops for secondary school teachers this summer:

SAN FRANCISCO (at the Urban School's Center for Innovative Teaching)

* June 17-19: Visual Algebra *
Greater access, greater challenge, and greater variety ? by
using blocks or tiles, geoboards, function diagrams, and technology.

* June 20-21: Re-imagining High School Math *
Pedagogy, learning tools, curriculum, assessment, the long
period, heterogeneous classes, deceleration, teacher collaboration.

NEW YORK CITY (at the Chapin School)

* August 19-21 Hands-On Geometry *
Kinesthetics, pattern blocks, geoboards, puzzles, technology,
construction, transformations, authentic approach to proof.

* August 22-23: No Limits! *
Visual intro to functions, iteration, series, mathematical
induction, chaos, and complex numbers; geometry of parabolas.

At both venues, a limited number of public school teachers will
have their registration fees waived ? first come, first served.

If the times or locations don't work for you, I can offer a
workshop for your department, school, or district at a mutually
agreeable time and place.

More information:
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San Francisco registration & logistics
New York City registration and logistics
Or e-mail me.


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Henri Picciotto
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