Date: Feb 24, 2013 1:45 PM
Author: dhiraj
Subject: Change the format of text file generated from MATLAB code

I am generating a text file using MATLAB which looks something like this

6.9905301e+001 6.9193786e+001 7.0975918e+001 7.5127181e+001 7.7340259e+001 8.0573000e+001 8.3738719e+001 8.1974246e+001 7.9527688e+001 8.0201600e+001 7.9433180e+001 7.9606963e+001 7.8440122e+001 7.7089076e+001 7.7316589e+001 7.8372644e+001 8.1083666e+001 8.2169213e+001 8.0140552e+001 7.9732129e+001

I want these numbers in the format of decimals only, no powers. For e.g. I want 699.053 rather than 6.9905301e+001 and so on.
Is there any way of doing this using MATLAB?
Thank you in advance