Date: Feb 25, 2013 2:40 PM
Subject: more AT&T today #603 Optimal Strategy of Playing the StockMarket via<br> VonNeumann Game Theory

Portfolio of PAF on 25FEB2013
VZ     2,000
T      22,000
total share-wealth-units last reported which was 1NOV2012 was ?23,850
and total share-wealth-units today 24,000

real-estate land 3APR03 of 3 lots $19,000.
real-estate land 30JUL03 another lot $11,500.
real-estate land Sept05 another lot $75,000.

Well today I felt in the mood to buy more AT&T with excess cash. I was
wanting to wait for the government sequester to take hold in March 1,
but who knows if they will cave in and avert the sequester.

So I decided to buy 150 more shares of T at 35.69.


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