Date: Feb 27, 2013 7:06 AM
Subject: Re: WM's Mytheology § 222 Back to the roots

On 27 Feb., 00:24, Virgil <> wrote:

> > Is there any difficulty in summing or
> > multiplying two strings of two paths?

> What path is the sum of two paths? And does this "SUM' rule produce a
> commutative group?
> What is the appropriate field of scalars for the "group" of paths, and
> how does one find the product of a scalar and a path?
> What binary is the sum of two binaries, when the result must be a binary
> <= 1?

The sum of two real numbers of the unit interval need not be a real
number of the unit interval.
Nevertheless we have the same structure for reals, their
representation as binary strings, and paths of the Binary Tree.

But if you are unable to understand that, simply use Hilberts model
including 1+1=0 and extend it to the paths, unless you are too
illiterate to know it or unable to extend it.

And a final question: Do you really believe that your nit-picking will
remove the contradiction between set theory and the Binary Tree?

Regards, WM