Date: Feb 27, 2013 1:37 PM
Author: Sadie Bowman
Subject: "Calculus: The Musical!" (national tour availability)

Greetings! I am contacting you from the national tour of "Calculus: The Musical!" This comic "review" of the concepts and history of Calculus has been touring to high schools, universities and conferences nationwide since 2006.

Using musical parodies that span genres from light opera to hip-hop, the quest for the instantaneous rate of change and the area under the curve comes to life--through song! Our high-energy sketch comedy format features the discoveries--and vocal talents--of such luminaries as Newton, Liebniz, Riemann and more!

If you would like further information I would love to hear from you! The show's website is and we are still scheduling in some parts of the country for the remainder of the present school year!

With calculus in the heart,
Sadie Bowman