Date: Mar 1, 2013 9:16 AM
Subject: YOU DO KNOW THAT  SQRT(40)*3,= SQRT(360), DON'T YA!

 I already told you that  the gap between sqrt(10)-sqrt(9)= gap at Sqrt(40)-(Sqrt(10)+Sqrt(9) onn the post on value 40

I have already told you that the current mathenmatics as taught to you is Golly-Wog mathematics and your jounals and colleges are full of it, counting cells on membranes!.

Several minor papers have been recently published ,and Major papers on the Unified theorem is to be Published at the " INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF APPLIED MATHEMATICAL RESEARCH(IJAMR) and JAS soon.

We have avoided the golly wog math journals that are dime a dozen in this country America.