Date: Mar 1, 2013 3:44 PM
Subject: I nominate University of Cincinnati for sci.logic; Utah State<br> University for sci.physics

On Mar 1, 2:19 pm, Archimedes Plutonium
<> wrote:
> On Feb 28, 1:42 pm, Jeff-Relf.Me <@.> wrote:

> >   Google Groups is 100% uncensored, so it isn't fully indexed. Were Google Groups fully indexed, it'd be used to game the system; i.e. people would use it to push up the ranking of certain web sites. Large (sub)threads with lots of authors are more likely to be real; i.e. posts with lots of good replies are more likely to be indexed. Google Groups isn't Wikipedia, so it's not indexed as if it were.
> Sounds like a lot of double-speak, and I would hazard to guess
> that Jeff is a employee of Google, perhaps overseeing the blocked
> from view of 2,000 of Archimedes Plutonium's posts since May of 2012.
> --
> ?Google's (and Bing's) searches and archives are top-heavy in hate-
> spew from search-engine-bombing. Since June of 2012, Google
> archive has ceased functioning properly since Drexel's sci.math shows
> 7,100 posts for AP while Google archive stopped at 5,420. Whether
> those posts were destroyed or just blocked from view, is besides the
> point. The point is that Google is no longer a ?stable science
> archive, and that we need a Drexel University type to host each and
> every one of the other sciences. A University to host sci.physics,
> another to host sci.chemistry, another sci.biology until every one of
> the sciences is hosted by a University and out of the hands of a money
> making outfit like Google. One can use Google to post from, ease of
> posting, but we cannot rely on Google for archiving, viewing.
> And worse yet, some of the missing posts show up on
> ( ?which threatens to harm your computer if opening a
> post ?of mine in Niuz.
> Only Drexel's Math Forum has done a excellent, simple and fair
> archiving of AP posts for the past 15 years as seen here:
> Archimedes Plutonium
> ?
> whole entire Universe is just one big atom
> where dots of the electron-dot-cloud are galaxies

Now I am going to recommend two of my alma maters as hosting sites,
much like Drexel University hosting sci.math.

I nominate University of Cincinnati to host sci.logic and Utah State
University to host sci.physics.

I like for all the sciences to be spread around at different
Universities and Colleges, for there is safety in numbers. And if one
does a better job than others, we all benefit from the improving

The important thing is, that the sciences are never at home or at ease
when a money making outfit (Google) is in charge. The sciences need to
be (nearer) to education and that means the colleges and universities,
as in the hymn Nearer, My God, to Thee.