Date: Mar 2, 2013 11:17 AM
Subject: What is X if X="Y....Y^2"=X...Sqrt(X)=Y AND Y="1"Introduction to a<br> new mathematics at IJAMR/JAS

 This is to be published as the Major paper on the " Unified Theorem  at Prime 19 -1" at the International journal of applied mathematical research (IJAMR), and JAS, to Jounals that are not golly- Wogs of Current mathematics.Current mathematics is Golly - Wog

I would simply add that



You should easily know what X is and what Y is

Review the following references Mathematicians

[1] Cameron .V, The disproof and fall of the Riemann?s hypothesis by quadratic base: The correct variable distribution of prime numbers by the clear mathematics of the half-line values (?Chan function?) of prime numbers, International Journal of Applied Mathematical Research, 2 (1) (2013) 103-110.
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1. My Lord Jesus Christ, by his special grace to me, specially the teaching of humility and clarity.
2. Dr. Hong Ma editor of Journal of American science who was humble / decent to me and understood creativity in Science, he is instrumental in giving us confidence.
3. IJAMR, and Professor B Bathia, for very decent understanding obtuse mathematics in succinct fashion