Date: Mar 3, 2013 5:48 PM
Author: YBM
Subject: Re: Matheology § 222 Back to the root<br> s

Le 03.03.2013 23:10, WM a écrit :
> On 3 Mrz., 22:19, Virgil <> wrote:
>> The integers 0,1 and 2 can form a field if the arithmetic is that of
>> integers modulo 3.
>> Note that whether a set of objects forms a field or not depends only on
>> how the relevant operations of addition and multiplication are defined
>> on the objects of that set, not on what the members of that set are in
>> other contexts.

> And the multiplicative inverse is not required?
> Ever heard of a ring without rang and rung?

Your are teaching math, or teaching something you pretend to be math,
and you do not know that Z/3Z aka Z_3 is a field ? As a matter of fact,
for every prime p, and n>1 their is a field with p^n elements.

Oh dear... This is even worse than I thought...

In Z_3, disgusting stupid demented wanna-be mathematician, even a
eight year old child would notice that:

1*1 = 1
2*2 = 1

So every non-null element has a multiplicative inverse.

No question you have issues with infinity when you cannot handle
the three-elements field...

Get lost, crank.