Date: Mar 6, 2013 6:48 AM
Subject: Re: Matheology § 222 Back to the roots

On 6 Mrz., 12:05, William Hughes <> wrote:

> > L_m is a single line if m is a natural number.
> > Would you prefer to call L_m infinitely many lines?

> Nope, I would prefer to call L_m a function
> (of time and person).  A function may have as
> value a "single line of the list"
> but calling something that changes a "single line of the
> list" is silly.-

I said always that L_m is a function (of several arguments) and that
this function takes as vaules lines of the list. As it takes single
lines, I don't see why we should not call them single lines. But that
is only a quarrel about word. Nevertheless, you have not yet answered
the more important question. Is there a particular reason? Remember,
not long ago you claimed that potential infinity as well as actual
infinity would yield the same results.

Regards, WM