Date: Mar 6, 2013 11:47 AM
Author: Joe Niederberger
Subject: Re: Why schools used to be better

Kirby says:
>Choosing your education should be more like wine tasting,
where you develop your palate and savor the alternatives. We usually don't expect parents / guardians to have to time to look at textbooks and compare them. They don't get to hear a lot of competing pitches either.

That's a lovey thought. Imagine sauntering up to the math bar and inquiring about a bottle of "New Math", 1965 vintage, say, from Willamette Valley?

Seriously though, this frmo Today's Friedman column:
"We demand that plumbers and kindergarten teachers be certified to do what they do, but there is no requirement that college professors know how to teach. No more. The world of MOOCs [Massive Online Open Courses] is creating a competition that will force every professor to improve his or her pedagogy or face an online competitor."

Any courses freely inspectable online will be subject to great scrutiny and competition. Can't be all bad.

Joe N