Date: Mar 8, 2013 6:21 AM
Author: David Park
Subject: Re: Equation Labels


No you can't do too much with a Style Sheet.

I sell a Mathematica Application, Presentations, that is designed to aid in
writing custom graphics, tables, dynamic displays, and literate notebooks in
general. It sells for $50 through my web site.

A few years ago someone on MathGroup had a similar question and I wrote a
KeyEquations sub-package for Presentations that gives much more flexibility
in writing, editing, recalling and referencing key equations. You can
specifically format equations and their labels. The labels may be
sequentially numbered (and updated) or textually labeled.

I am attaching a PDF copy of the tutorial notebook for this.
(I will send a copy to any reader of MathGroup who requests it.)

David Park

From: Nicholas Chisholm []

Hi guys,

I've been trying to use Mathematica to keep organized notes of my work
because it's easy to typeset equations. Is there any way to format how
equations are labeled in notebooks? For example, using the
"DisplayFormulaNumbered" puts numbers on the right of equations, but is
there anyway I can format these numbers? Say I want an equation called (1a)
and (1b) or something instead of (1) and (2). I've been messing around with
trying to edit the stylesheet to no avail.