Date: Mar 8, 2013 2:36 PM
Subject: Re: Matlab 2010B with MS Access 2010

Please see this tutorial:

Specifically, see this:

I'll tell you truthfully, that seems like it should work, but I've actually never gotten Access and Matlab to work together. I'll try this technique when I get home (I don't have Matlab installed on my office computer). As an alternative, you can consider exporting your Matlab data to Excel (or .csv, .txt, etc.) .

Then you can easily import your Excel data into MS Access. I've done Matlab to Excel and Excel to Access countless times. That ALWAYS works.


"Balamurugan" wrote in message <kgnvs8$l4p$>...
> "Eleftheria " <> wrote in message <jskjtk$paj$>...
> > Hello everyone!
> > I found many codes but probably they don't have compatibility.
> > I would like to connect Matlab 2010B with MS Access 2010 to insert data from matlab to ms access and to export data from ms access to matlab.
> > Seriously i have try too many code examples but i was not able to do what i want!
> > Thanks a lot for your time!

> Sir
> I am trying to connect Matlab with MS Access to insert data from matlab to ms access. I saw you had tried already.
> Could you please help me how to connect access to matlab and how to insert the data in access through matlab software.
> Please help me......