Date: Mar 10, 2013 7:51 AM
Author: William Hughes
Subject: Re: Matheology § 222 Back to the roots

On Mar 10, 12:08 pm, WM <> wrote:
> On 10 Mrz., 11:12, William Hughes <>
> > On Mar 10, 10:40 am, WM <> wrote:


> > > But in every case we know that there is a line of the list that is
> > > identical with the FIS of d, both existing or not existing yet.

> > However this is not a findable line.-
> It is not a fixable line, say.

[note on teminology. "Findable" is your term. You use
it when interpreting the very important "does not exist"

If you will stipulate to

There does not exist a natural number m such that
P(m) is true


There is no fixable n, such that (n) is true

I will gladly switch from findable to fixable ]

We now have

There does not exist
(in the sense of findable)
a natural number m such that
such that the mth line of L
is coFIS to (d)