Date: Mar 11, 2013 4:42 AM
Author: Jakub Serych
Subject: MixedRadixQuantity

Dear mathgroup,
does anybody know, how to convert position (GPS) coordinates using MixedRadixQuantity and UnitConvert (new in 9). I can succesfully convert time quantities:

time = MixedRadixQuantity[{9, 46, 38.321}, {"Hours", "Minutes", "Seconds"}]
UnitConvert[time, "Seconds"]
UnitConvert[time, "Minutes"]

But I cannot find the unit names and the correct way to write down quantity for arc units like 50=B04'47.793"N
I tried {"Degrees", "ArcMinutes", "ArcSeconds"}, but it doesn't help. Yes, I know, that I can bluff little bit and convert arc units using time units, but from the point of view of the whole system of units covered by Quantity function it is not usable in this way.
As this is the brand new functionality of M9, documentation is not very ample by that time.

It would also be helpful to have some possibility to list all the units and constants which can be used by Quantity function.
I mean something similar to keyword "Properties" in the datapaclets oriented functions, for example ChemicalData["Properties"].

Thanks in advance for any help