Date: Mar 10, 2013 9:24 PM
Author: kirby urner
Subject: Re: new website

Really, this is new?  The static HTML reminds me of one of my sites,
kinda 1990s.

I think the approach to ethno-mathematics is not to teach that there
is math proper, which is not ethnic, and then all these other maths
that are.

"7. If you need students to listen to you while you are in the computer
room, ask
them to take their hands off the computer, turn around and face you.
To me, that read like pure anthropology. The teacher's face is
not on the screen. They have to "turn around" to see their teacher.
That's one way one ethnicity (the elementary school teaching
subculture) has it arranged. There'a a "computer room" you go
into, as distinct from a math room.

Interesting tribe.

Of course as an ethnic myself, I went prowling for my key topics:
Pascal's Triangle, Figurate and Polyhedral Numbers, Python
the language, 3rd powering as Non-Cubic, concentric hierarchy
of polyhedrons, Fibonacci, Al Khwarizmi, the spread of Hindu-
Arabic numbers, the spread of ASCII, the Unicode. SQL.

My ethnic subculture would consider the above all suitable for
elementary schools, with future spiraling immediately to follow
in higher grades. Curricula not including these are unlikely to
be taken seriously by our STEM-oriented wise elders, with their
time-energy budget axes. Lots of other topics needed too of
course (prime vs composite, triangulating a sphere), but lets
start with some basics. A rhombic dodecahedron of volume
six (relative to unit tet) *has* to be there. No sense wasting our
time with candidates that bleep over that one!

But that's just my tribe thinking out loud. Most Americans
are clueless vis-a-vis our little ethnicity or cult or whatever you
wanna call it.


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