Date: Mar 12, 2013 8:28 AM
Author: Jonathan J. Crabtree
Subject: Can you translate from Sanskrit? Euclid's definition of<br> multiplication...

Dear math friend

I would like to have a 2 page Sanskrit document translated into English with precision and without any additional words added that are not in the Sanskrit.

The two pages are a collection of simple definitions, so the number of words is relatively small.

It would be fantastic to have all these definitions of basic number theory in English, yet I would be most grateful for the definition of multiplication.

Euclid's Elements was originally written in Greek about 300 BCE. The Sanskrit provided above and below via link is a translation from the early Arabic.

So my intention is to learn how the Arabs interpreted Euclid before it was translated into Latin and later, Greek once again!

If you can speak and read Sanskrit or know somebody who can, I would be most grateful for any assistance.

I will be posting the translation on a page similar to which is a listing of Euclid's Book VII definitions of number theory in the original Greek along with a variety of English variants.

Thank you if you can help or help source some help.

Jonathan Crabtree

Euclid's Elements, Book VII Definitions for Elementary Number Theory

'Greek to English' Translation Master List for Arithmetic Research and Cross Referencing Post-Peyrard 1804 - 2013 i.e. based on the Vatican manuscript (Vat. Gr. 190. P.)