Date: Mar 13, 2013 1:13 AM
Author: kees de kapper
Subject: Updating variables in declared function handles

Hi Folks,
I've got trouble with updating the input data (variables) of a function which is part of a struct.

In an matlab-file MyFunc.m I have defined the following two functions:
> function varargout = MyFunc(varargin)
> TmpStruct.Data = [];
> TmpStruct.Size = @(DataDimension)GetDataSize(DataDimension, TmpStruct.Data);
> function SizeOut = GetDataSize(DataDimension, Data)
> SizeOut = size(Data, DataDimension);

If I now do:
> TmpS = MyFunc();
> TmpS.Data = ones(20,30,40);
> TmpS.Size(1)

I would like to obtain the value '20', however I retrieve '0' since 'TmpStruct.Data' was defined empty before the function declaration. How could I "update" the input data/variable?

Thanks for help!

Kind regards,