Date: Mar 13, 2013 4:16 PM
Author: JT
Subject: Re: 0.9999... = 1 that means mathematics ends in contradiction

On 13 mar, 19:57, fom <> wrote:
> On 3/13/2013 9:32 AM, JT wrote:

> > The answer to why is simple, any number that can not be expressed as a
> > sum of fractions is invalid

> Do you mean inadmissible?
> According to what you have said, there are
> valid numbers and invalid numbers.  Although
> the terminology is not conventional, invalid
> numbers are still numbers.

No an ivalid label is not a number thus 0.333... is not a number that
can be expressed arithmeticly it is an apporximation or more likely an
abberation from the standard decimal format. It was dreamt up when
mathematicians realised there was really no good way to express 1/3 in
binary nor decimal form (in even bases). An adhoc approach was
necessary but either the mathematical skillset was missing or a lack
of understanding of howto implement the necessary arithmetic circuits
in machinery as in the human brain.

Althougy fractions in other bases must been understood since the old
greeks. No there is no invalid numbers just numbers and malformed
implementation of numerical values, they do not by any means reflect