Date: Mar 18, 2013 8:29 AM
Subject: Re: Matheology § 224

On 18 Mrz., 00:59, Virgil <> wrote:
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>  WM <> wrote:

> > On 17 Mrz., 21:48, Virgil <> wrote:
> > > Mathematical truth is independent of time.
> > In fact??? Amazing! After Cantor's list has been diagonalized, it is
> > possible to include all diagonals into the list. But someone has
> > forbidden to change the list after time t_0 when the diagonalizers
> > start to do their work.

> Why does WM claim that after what WM calls "Cantor's list" has been
> diagonalized, he can include all anti-diagonals, when it is always
> possible to find others that have been so far overlooked?
> After each anti-dagonal of any list is found, prefix it to that list and
> then the anti-diagonal to the new list is not in the new list or the old
> sub-list.
> This procedure always finds new lines which are non-members of any of
> the prior lists of lines including all lines of any original list and
> all previously found anti-diagonals of those prior lists.

Every list yields another diagonal.
And every diagonal can be included in another list.

Both these facts are the two sides of infinity. Cantor did that false
step to choose one as more justified than the other.

With same right he could have argued that there are more even than odd
non-negative integers, because 0 is even and after every odd integer
there follwos an even one, just overlooking that after every even
integer there follows an odd one.

Regards, WM