Date: Mar 21, 2013 8:21 PM
Author: JohnAdre
Subject: Re: Someone in sci.chem trying to thwart me in posting there?

> I get the impression that someone in sci.chem is
> tinkering with the
> Google New Newsgroups and thwarting my ability to
> post in sci.chem.
> Can someone look into it?

Do you believe people here are your servants? Morover,
if your posts are as poorly-written, and, well, just plain stupid as the posts you have made to this site, I hope someone _is_ slowing you; I would if I knew how?
> I am getting *long waits* of opening up posts in
> sci.chem

Good for sci.chem .
> Thanks,
> AP

Please stop posting your low-level garbage; you're embarrassing yourself. Only good idea of yours is not using your real name. Still, it seems embarrassing for a 63-yr-old ( by your account) to be calling him/her self Archimedes Plutonium. My 13-yr-old watches a show Jimmy Neutron, but, _he is 13_ !!