Date: Mar 22, 2013 2:56 PM
Author: quasi
Subject: Re: -----   ----  -----  a trig question

Deep wrote:

>Consider the following two trig.equations.
>s = (sin 5D)^(2/5) (1)
>c = (cos 5D)^(2/5) (2)
>where s and c are real numbers such that 0<c<1 and 0<s<1;
>Statement: Both s and c cannot be rational.

Both s and c can be positive rational (separately).

But they can't both be positive rational (simultaneously).

Suppose s and c are both positive rationals.

Then s^5 + c^5 = sin^2(5D) + cos^2(5D) = 1.

But s^5 + c^5 = 1 with s,c positive rational contradicts
FLT for n = 5.

Many times you've posted questions nearly identical to the
one above. Evidently you've learned nothing from the answers

You're chasing your own tail.