Date: Mar 22, 2013 5:58 PM
Subject: statistics of Schizophrenia worldwide Chapt3 Math-Statistics proving<br> #116 book Metal Causation Diseases

Now the importance of the Arizona State University research that
Autistic people have more mercury in their bodies than do normal
people is that we an actually begin to **measure the amount of
mercury** in bodies of afflicted people. And if the mercury load is
greater in diseased people than normal people, one can say it is
**Statistically proven via math that mercury is the cause**.

Now a better proving force is shown on the PBS Newshour where
hexavalent chromium, Chromium 6 is shown on Friday, March 15, Miles
OBrien went to the
Wise Laboratory of Univ Southern Maine to see how dangerous Chromium
was to health and he shows a slide of a cell in replication of
mitosis, only instead of there being 2 centrosomes there are 4

So chromium 6 and cancer forming agent is proven to cause cancer.
Unfortunately we do not yet have a slide showing where mercury causes
plaques in cells to form Alzheimers or Prion disease.

In Chromium 6 we have direct eyewitness proof that it causes cancer.
In mercury as agent of the diseases Depression, Autism, Alzheimers,
Parkinsons, Prion, Schizophrenia we have no eye witness proof as yet,
but instead we have Mathematical Statistical proof that Autism is
caused by mercury, for we have that Arizona State University evidence
of a direct link and correlation between the severity of Autism and
the amount of mercury inside the body.

I looked it up and Chromium 6 is not able to cross the blood-brain-
barrier so chromium 6 does not cause these brain diseases I listed.

But today I want to focus on Schizophrenia and a Math-Statistical
proving it is caused by mercury, too much mercury intake into the
body. Of course, we need another Arizona State University type of
research on the mercury in the bodies of Schizophrenia patients
compared to normal patients. But have a look at this mapping in
Wikipedia under Schizophrenia Epidemiology:

That map shows Asia as the highest frequency of Schizophrenia with as
much as 295 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 2004 and the USA is shown
to have around
197 cases while Mexico is shown to have 251 ( if I am reading the
colors correctly?). How does that map correlate with mercury in the
environment to Schizophrenia? Well, a lot of mercury is intaken into
the body from cigarette and cigar smoking and in Asia and Mexico,
smoking is commonplace. Also, China is the world's largest mercury
polluter due to its coal fired electric stations.

So, although we do not have direct eye witness evidence that
Schizophrenia is a mercury poisoning as we have that chromium 6 is a
cancer causing agent, we can test mercury in Schizophrenia patients
and make the correlations.


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