Date: Mar 24, 2013 11:23 PM
Author: Jakub Serych
Subject: Table with condition

Dear mathgroup,
I need to start creating list and continue until some condition is not met. For example to generate list of random numbers until the value is not 5. Yes, it is theoreticaly possible to generate list with sufficient length, and cut it on the right place afterwords, but it is very inefficient way if the computation is much harder than just generation of random numbers.

TakeWhile[Table[RandomInteger[{0, 10}], {15}], # != 5 &]

Using the while cycle is the other way, but I can only print values using that method, but I don't know, how to generate classical list:

r = 0;
While[r != 5, r = RandomInteger[{0, 10}]; Print[r]]

What is the right solution of such a simple problem?

Thanks in advance for any help