Date: Mar 25, 2013 1:02 PM
Author: fom
Subject: Re: Matheology § 224

On 3/25/2013 6:30 AM, WM wrote:
> On 24 Mrz., 23:04, Virgil <> wrote:

>> Induction can prove that something halds for each n in |N, but cannot
>> prove that it holds unambiguously for all n |N.

> Induction *creates* the set of all |N, the set that contains the empty
> set and with the set A it contains the next set {A}. That is
> induction! And if you dislike to call it induction, then call it as
> you like, say Hanching, but please understand that my proof then also
> uses Hanching, namely with line n you can remove line n+1.


He has made a substantive statement concerning
the theory of monotonic inclusive crayon marks.

Even so, Hanching is not induction by either
classical or constructive mathematics.