Date: Mar 26, 2013 2:49 PM
Author: fom
Subject: Re: Mathematics and the Roots of Postmodern Thought

On 3/26/2013 1:03 PM, Dan wrote:
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>>> More on G del:
>>> More on the empiricism/rationalism conflict:

>> Thanks.

> It's actually part of a series, though as of now incomplete .This is
> the first video on Gödel :

I already went to the site of origin.

The basic thesis validates something I have long observed
concerning the dichotomy in the 'truths' of mathematics.

I used to simply attribute it to the British and continental
divide associated with Newton and Leibniz. Not having the
broader training of a philosophy education, I see that that
was an oversimplification.

People simply see things differently. Every "I don't believe
that" followed by a new and improved version of the same leads
to another. This is seen between Aristotle and Plato. But,
there seems to be an overall tendency for the systems to show a
natural division.

I look forward to watching a number of the videos.