Date: Mar 27, 2013 3:40 PM
Author: Jerry P. Becker
Subject: New Book Available on CCSS - FREE

Information provided by David Moursund.
The following short book is brought to your attention: Moursund, D.
and Sylwester, R. Editors (March 2013). Common Core State Standards
for K-12 Education in America. Eugene, OR: Information Age Education.

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) initiative began in the United
States in 2010. Its initial emphasis on Math and English Language
Arts has grown to include Science and History/Social Studies.

Recently, Information Age Education has published a series of ten IAE
Newsletters on CCSS. These ten newsletters have been integrated into
a book, Common Core State Standards for K-12 Education in
America. The set of newsletters has been augmented by an
Appendix, Goals of Education in the United States. The book is
available free.
See <> for
the Microsoft Word document
and <> for
the PDF.

This book is an experiment in a new way to put together an edited
collection of writings. Chapter 10 of the book contains a brief
introduction to a number of topics that are suitable for making into
additional chapters. Potential authors are encouraged to contact
David Moursund (<> or
Robert Sylwester (<>
about submitting a chapter based on Chapter 10 ideas or other ideas
of their own choice. The book will "grow" as new chapters are
integrated in.

For other free math education materials from Information Age
see <>
To access all of the free Information Age Education materials go
to <>

Dave Moursund.

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