Date: Mar 28, 2013 1:08 PM
Author: Curious
Subject: Re: waitbar

"indu singh" wrote in message <kj1plm$1co$>...
> hi,
> i am working on a project "image compression and decompression" under matlab.
> i have a one line code for which i need to use waitbar to show the progress of that code.
> code is: DeIM=Decode_Color_Image_DWT_DCT(b);
> kindly tell me how to connect waitbar function with this line of code.

What can you possibly expect us to tell you with the little information you have provided? At the command line, type:

doc waitbar

The help example shows you how to include the waitbar function in you code.
Based on that example and your code, I would suggest something like:

h = waitbar(0,'Please wait...');
for b=1:100

That may or may not make sense. It depends on what DeIM=Decode_Color_Image_DWT_DCT(b);
actually means.

> plzzzz reply as soon as possible..
> thank you.