Date: Mar 28, 2013 2:41 PM

All This has retatrded progress by 100 years/1000years

SPARTANISM: The excessive relaiance on one cardinal red cap way , one theory , one history and worse yet one Professor. No wonderr Western Mathematics is stood still for 100 years except for the convoluted theories on same old concepts. When some one avoids these jounals as I did and get seven major papers published in two seperate journals , one international and one American , the Spartan ones of American Mathematics cry foul . What kind of a mathematical disease is that, sounds like the "one cathecism of the Missouri synod, one baptism' (all other religions are inferior!) , one communion" , certainly not open science

THIEVERY : I have a friend who has the worlds only continuous Prime number sieve at 6 ( Numbers do not have to be rechecked). After one New york Journal tried to steal his base method( Well documented thievery) , that sieve has remained secret and unpublished and I am trying to get the fellow to publish it.

SOUR GRAPES: When some one gets 7 papers published the Spartan guys cry foul that we did not publish these in thier inbred mathematical journals. One in this forum said that . YUK!! no wonder your mathematics is convoluted and inbred. I am sick 0f hearing Fermat/ Einstein cat and mouse mathematics , it seems thats all they got

COPY to Dr Hong Ma PHD Editor , Journal of American science.

Copy to Professor B Batiha Editor/manager, International Journal of applied Mathematics Research , out of Germany


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