Date: Mar 30, 2013 9:39 PM
Subject: Re: Matheology § 224

On Mar 30, 6:10 pm, Virgil <> wrote:
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>  "Ross A. Finlayson" <> wrote:

> > "Nothing" has value to some.
> But Ross's nothings do nothing for me.
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No, heh, they don't. No they don't.

And while sci.math is a poor medium for mathematical exchange, still
there are many who can see these simple truisms for what they are:
observations of inference, and deduction, of our mutually defined
structures, in the mathematics.

So, I then definitely recommend that those interested in mathematical
foundations of our numbers draw a line before proving they can't.

Then, Hancher, you revel in finding perceived fault in others, where's
your input? I'm only interested in the objective, thank you.


Ross Finlayson