Date: Apr 1, 2013 12:16 PM
Author: Guest
Subject: Re: run vl_feat library in matlab executable file

I added the path of vl_feat library from MATLAB Set Path. Then I created an executable of a simple scipt as below:
im1=imread("path to gray image");

after i ran the exe file, I encountered another problem as below:
Invalid Mex file ,'.....\toolbox\mex\mex64\vl_sift.mexw64': THe specified module could not be found.

MATLAB: invalidMexFile.

Can you please support on this?

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> news:kj9edm$hm7$

> > Hello,
> > I have created a matlab exe file. In the script, I have used vl_sift of
> > vl_feat library. To include vl_feat while running in script mode(pressing
> > f5 in matlab) . I simply added the path to vl_feat library as:
> > RUN('C:\Program
> > Files\MATLAB\R2012b\bin\VLFEATROOT\vlfeat-0.9.16\toolbox\vl_setup').

> 1) You probably should NOT be adding files in the bin directory of your
> MATLAB installation unless Technical Support provides them to you or you
> download them from a bug report as a bug fix and the support staff or bug
> report instructions specifically indicate to put them in the bin directory.
> 2) Specifying the path to the script in your installation won't work in your
> executable. Add the appropriate directory to the MATLAB path and then
> generate your executable, and execute the script using its name NOT the RUN
> function.
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