Date: Apr 3, 2013 10:51 PM
Author: Jakub Serych
Subject: Presentation/SlideShow view environment

Dear mathgroup,
I have trouble with view environment in presentation I have prepared (Mathematica 9.0.1).

I have applied StyleSheet Slideshow/Earth to my presentation (but it doesn't matter which stylesheet is used). In the SlideShow View Environment I can see the background image, but there are not little section opening arrows on the left side of the titles and subtitles and also the cell brackets on the right border of the page are visible only after rolling over by the mouse. If I switch to the Presentation View Environment, I can see cell brackets and section opening arrows, but the background image is not visible (on the top of the slideshow, there is frame with message: "Background images and text colors have been adjusted for editing purposes").

Does anybody know, how to switch on the cell control entities in the SlideShow environment or the background images in the Presentation environment?

Thanks a lot in advance