Date: Apr 3, 2013 11:49 PM
Subject: Re: Binomial where a=1?

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> Is there a special name for a binomial where a=1:
> (a+b)^n = (1+b)^n ?
> Something like "uninomial", "unomial" or "anomial"?

It seems not. I've looked up a few old-fashioned algebra books which
might have used such a name. Hall & Knight "Elementary Algebra for
Schools," 7th edition (1897), p.332, just says:
"The expansion of a binomial may always be made to depend upon the case
in which the first term is unity; thus
(x + y)^n = (x(1 + y/x))^n = (x^n)((1 + z)^n), where z = y/x."

That's the sort of thing I remember seeing in other old algebra books
as well.

Ken Pledger.