Date: Apr 5, 2013 6:32 AM
Author: Tanu R.
Subject: Re: Matheology § 224

WM schrieb:

> On 4 Apr., 23:08, William Hughes <> wrote:

>> Nope.  Any single element can be removed.  This does not
>> mean the collection of all elements can be removed.

> You conceded that any finite set of lines could be removed. What is
> the set of lines that contains any finite set? Can it be finite? No.


> So the set of lines that can be removed form an infinite set.


> Now you
> will claim, that not all finite lines (of this infinite set that
> contains only finite lines that can be removed) can be removed.

Right, removing finite sets from infinite sets does not modify
the cardinality of finite sets.

> This is a contradiction.

Wrong, there is no finite number that specifies an infinite cardinality
thats why one cannot say: Let W=oo, for i=0...W(remove a finite subset),
because there is just no infinite index number W.

> Not to recognize it as such is madness.

You are the sick and dirty idiot - not so the rest of the world.

> But it is set theory.

Nope, but you are an disgusting asshole.

> As such madness is a prerequisite of set theory.

You are an impertinent motherfucker.