Date: Apr 5, 2013 12:51 PM
Author: Guest
Subject: Problem with RUN while calling a script


I am using a .m script as a scenario's parameters definition file and I want to call it inside a function. I define the script file name and path trough the function uigetfile and then call the script as following:

[FileName, PathName]=uigetfile({'*.m', 'M-files (*.m)'}, 'Pick a scenario file');
CompletePath=fullfile(PathName, FileName);
The first time I call the function, there is no problem, but when I call it for the second time, I get the error:

??? Error using ==> run at 56
Incorrect number of right hand side elements in dot name assignment. Missing [] around left hand side is a likely cause.
The only solution I have now is to restart Matlab. It will then work a single time again.

Thank you for your help