Date: Apr 8, 2013 3:52 AM
Author: kinor
Subject: Re: speeding up assigning values to a matrix

"Luca " <l.presottoRE@MOVE.campus.unimib.NOTit> wrote in message <kjmuap$gaq$>...
> I do not understand what you are saying.
> What does it mean "there is a way which is slower than" ? Is it a question for me to find a slower way?
> Now...
> I tried a lot of different operations and I discovered that it is extremely slow to do
> A=(mask==num)*255; (1)
> (casting or not num to uint8 changes less than 0.1%)
> I found it insted to be very fast, acceptably for my scope, to do
> A= uint8(mask==num)*uint8(255); (2)
> the difference between the (1) and (2) is 300ms for the first one and 15ms for the second one!!!
> A factor 20.
> Very curious indeed.
> That works for now.
> (still wondering wether I can use logical indexing to do something like:
> aa = (mask==num);
> maskC(aa,1)= 250;
> and get the best performances of "vectorialized" matlab)

Hi Luca

i wanted to say there is a way of logical indexing which is not faster lately this version was slightly faster than all others i tested:

t = uint8(cat(4,(mask==uint8(2)),(mask==uint8(4)),(mask==uint8(6)))) * uint8(255);