Date: Apr 15, 2013 12:23 AM
Subject: another horrible concept of physics-- gravity assist or slingshot<br> Chapt16.15 Gravity Cells #1502 ATOM TOTALITY 5th ed

Now physicists of the 20th century learned that the Sun was moving in
Space at 220km/sec, the fastest speed among the planets which Mercury
was moving at 47 km/sec and Earth at 29km/sec and Jupiter at 13 km/

Now I bet you that if we had a group of astronauts on one side of a
debate and a group of physicists on the other side of the debate and
asked if Newtonian gravity and General Relativity could keep together
the Sun and planets once it is known the Sun moves faster than the
planets. Would we not get the astronauts to be smarter and victorious
over the physicists, because the astronauts would instinctively know,
would have native intelligence that the physicists would not have, and
reason that neither Newtonian gravity and General Relativity could
hold the planets to the Sun when the Sun is moving so fast.

Now we would not expect the astronauts to solve the problem by
proposing that gravity was an electromagnetic force of the magnetic
monopoles contained in all matter and where those monopoles are always
attractive never repulsive and where those monopoles are proportional
to mass. So we still have a inverse square law but we have a force
that is about 10^40 stronger than Newtonian gravity and General

So how would EM gravity solve that speed crisis of the Sun? Simple,
just picture a Solar gravity cell of Space that rotates or spins
around the Sun's axis and stretches out to the Oort Cloud.

Now is that spinning gravity cell what astronauts know as the
Slingshot effect or the Gravity Assist.

So here we have in physics a phenomenon of gravity assist, whereas, it
is really EM-gravity.

When physicists get it wrong and get it wrong badly, they encounter
the true gravity of EM-gravity and they hide it behind a strange non
science terminology-- gravity-assist. When what should call it is the
Solar Gravity Cell or the Jupiter gravity cell which is moving as if
it were a river current and carrying along such spacecrafts as the
Voyager 1 or Voyager 2.

--- quoting Wikipedia on gravity assist (slingshot)---

A gravity assist or slingshot maneuver around a planet changes a
spacecraft's velocity relative to the Sun, though the spacecraft's
speed relative to the planet on effectively entering and leaving its
gravitational field, will remain approximately the same. To a first
approximation, from a large distance, the spacecraft appears to have
bounced off the planet. Physicists call this an elastic collision even
though no actual contact occurs. A slingshot maneuver can therefore be
used to change the spaceship's trajectory and speed relative to the
--- end quote ---

So, please, physicists, do not litter physics with silly concepts of
gravity assist or slingshot when all you have to do is call gravity
for its real name-- EM-gravity and recognize it has a gravity cell
which like a river current picks up a vessel and moves in the stream

So, astronauts have shown us a proof of the existence of gravity
cells, only they call it a silly and strange name of gravity-assist or
slingshot when it should be called the gravity cell direction of spin.
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