Date: Apr 16, 2013 10:52 PM
Author: dpb
Subject: Re: Pairing two different values on one plot

On 4/16/2013 8:51 PM, PK wrote:

> Not sure I have understood fully..But here is my code
> ts=strvcat(Timedata{1});
> dn=datenum(ts(:,1:12),'yyyymmddHHMM');

> datestr(dn)

Only comment--the above datestr() call was only to show the result of
the datenum() call above when translated back...don't need it at all.

> plot(dn,mydata{29});
> dcm_obj = datacursormode(figure);
> set(dcm_obj,'UpdateFcn',@myupdatefcn)
> set(gca,'XtickL',ts);
> In addition I have my updatefcn.m in my matlab directory as below..

...snip for brevity...

> the o/p is the same graph with timestamp on x axis and data on y with
> data tip a number and data instead time and data.
> thanks

Great...glad to help along w/ Steven's pointer to datacursormode. I
shoulda' looked for something on those lines and found it but was lazy. :)